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About Future Image Inc.

Industry Veterans Analyze the Challenges and Opportunities of Mobile Imaging

Led by Tony Henning, Managing Editor and Senior Analyst of the MIR, the Future Image team publishes a comprehensive, continuous information service focused on the intersection of digital imaging and wireless communications.

Future Image

Future Image (www.futureimage.com) is the leading independent center of expertise focused on the convergence of imaging, technology, and business. It publishes two continuous information services: The Future Image Executive Information Service, and the Future Image MIR (Mobile Imaging Report), formerly called the WIRE. In addition, Future Image underwrites and publishes numerous research studies on the impact of emerging, imaging-focused technologies or business trends. Future Image is the official information and research partner of the International Imaging Industry Association (I3A), and the managing partner of the Visual Communication initiative (www.visualcommunication.info) supported by Adobe Systems, Eastman Kodak, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, LightSurf, Microsoft, Nikon, and Sprint PCS.  Its "Visual Communication: Infoimaging at Work" appeared in the October 2002 issue of Forbes magazine and its “Emerging Trends in Digital Photography” section appeared in Red Herring magazine in February 2001.

Recent studies published include:

"4 x 6 Shoot-Out: Are Camera-Phones Ready To Make Consumer Prints?"
"The Camera-phone Phenomenon: A New Deal in Imaging"
"Photoblogs – The New Paradigm for Photo Sharing"
"Will Camera-phones Replace Digital Cameras?"
"CPXe — Reshaping Photofinishing through Web Services"
"Integrated Electronic Personal Photo Sharing – The Future of Consumer Photography"
"Wireless Imaging - Overcoming The Challenges – Infrastructure and Players"
"Image Servers - Early Adopter Case Studies"
"Image Servers - A Competitive Analysis"
"Windows XP: Challenges & Opportunities for Imaging Companies"
"Funding Trends in the Digital Imaging Industry"
"Web Photo Services 2000 - A Competitive Analysis"
"Wedding and Event Photos Online - New Content Strategies to Drive Consumer Traffic and Revenues"
"Protecting Visual Assets on the Internet - Turning Pictures into Profits"
“Imaging Drives eCommerce and Enterprise Profits”
"Worth 1,000 URLs - Visual Strategies for eCommerce"

Future Image also produces a series of supplements on the Digital Imaging industry jointly with Forbes magazine.

About the Author

Tony Henning
Managing Editor/Senior Analyst, The Future Image WIRE
[email protected]

Tony Henning is the Managing Editor and Senior Analyst for the Future Image MIR (Mobile Imaging Report) service covering the convergence of digital imaging and wireless communications. He is also the author of “Wireless Imaging – Overcoming the Challenges,” “The Camera-Phone Phenomenon – A New Deal for Imaging,” and “Will Camera-Phones Replace Digital Cameras?” Henning has presented on Wireless Imaging at Digital Imaging Marketing Association, Mobile Imaging North America 2003, Seybold, Photo Marketing Association, I3A, Digital Imaging Group, Mobile Multimedia Messaging, and Wireless Internet 2001.

In addition to Wireless Imaging, Henning is also a noted expert on the related areas of Visual Asset Management and DRM (digital rights management). He is the author of “Protecting Visual Assets on the Internet – Turning Pictures into Profits,” “Image Servers  – Early Adopter Case Studies,” and “Image Servers – A Competitive Analysis.” He has taught courses or presented on these topics at the Center for Creative Imaging in Camden, Maine, and at various industry events, including Visual Communication: Infoimaging At Work, Seybold, MacWorld, Photo Marketing Association, ANPA-TEC, ContentWorld, and others.

After 20 years as a professional photographer, Henning helped found AXS/Digital Arts & Sciences in 1989. As Vice President and Senior Vice President, he directed the development of applications and utilities to manage visual assets for a wide variety of customers and markets. These products include: ImageAXS™ and ImageAXS™ Pro for the retail consumer market; NewsPhotoAccess™, OnLineReader™, and PhotoProcessor™ for the professional publishing industry; EmbARK® for museum collections management; and ImageAXS™ Pro-Med for healthcare professionals. He joined Future Image in October 1999.

He attended Yale Law School and holds a B.A. in English from Stanford University.

Mr. Henning’s client list includes: 20th Century Plastics, Adobe Systems, Aryya Communications, Eastman Kodak, Equilibrium Technologies, Internet Pictures, MediaBin, LightSurf Technologies, Olympus, Scene7, Sony, Sprint PCS, The Bulldog Group, Triformix, TriWorks, TrueSpectra, and Wright Technologies.

Alexis Gerard

Alexis Gerard is President of Future Image Inc., the leading publisher of business-to-business information and analysis for the digital imaging industry, which he founded in 1991. As Executive Editor of the Future Image Executive Information Service, he continues to share his vision of pervasive Visual Communications with executives, entrepreneurs and investors in over fifty countries.

In 1993, Mr. Gerard produced and chaired "Photography in the Digital Age", the first executive conference focused on the digital photography industry. In 1995, he directed and chaired the inaugural conference of DIMA. He is a past President of the Digital Imaging Group (DIG), an open non-profit industry consortium founded by Adobe, Canon, Eastman Kodak, Fuji, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Live Picture and Microsoft to promote the growth of digital imaging. His involvement in the imaging industry spans over 20 years, during which he has authored or directed ground-breaking studies forecasting the impact and adoption patterns on the imaging industries of new technologies such as Photo CD, Royalty-Free Stock Images, Digital Cameras, the Internet, Visual Search, Wireless Communications and more.  He writes a syndicated column, is a dynamic public speaker with numerous conference and television appearances, and is frequently quoted in the mainstream business press as well as technology publications.

A native of Switzerland, Mr. Gerard holds an MA from the Graduate Institute of International Studies (Geneva, Switzerland).

His client list includes: Adobe Systems Inc., Apple Computer Inc., Cadence Design Systems, California Historical Society, Canon Australia Pty Ltd, Canon Computer Systems Inc., Canon Information Systems Inc., Conexant Corp., Digital Dynamics Company, Ditto.com, Dycam Corp., Eastman Kodak Company, Eveready Battery, Focus Graphics Inc., Foveon Inc., Glunz & Jensen A/S, Hewlett Packard Company, HMR Inc., IBM Microelecronics Division, Intel Corp., Internet Pictures (iPIX), Irvine Sensors, Leaf Systems, LightSurf Technologies, Minolta Corporation, National Semiconductor, NeXT Inc., Peerless Systems, Photo Access Corporation, PictureWorks Technology Inc., Polaroid Corp., The Procter & Gamble Company, Quebecor Litho Plus, Savitar Inc., Signature Color, Sony Electronics, Sprint PCS, Teralogic Inc., Trellix Corp, Visioneer Inc.

Contact: [email protected]

Paul Worthington

Senior Analyst, Consumer Markets
Managing Editor, FIR Executive Information Service
[email protected]

Paul Worthington has been a technology correspondent and magazine editor for more than a decade, with particular focus on imaging, multimedia, and digital video. He is the former Editor in Chief of MacHome Journal, and has worked at Infoworld, Publish, and Multimedia World magazines.

At Future Image, Worthington has concentrated since 1998 on consumer imaging, web photo sharing and photofinishing. He has consulted with many top companies in the imaging industry in general, and in these areas specifically.

Joseph M. Byrd

Senior Analyst, Professional Imaging
Vice President, Business Development
[email protected]

Joe Byrd brings to Future Image a wealth of management, marketing and sales experience in the imaging and technology industries.

His previous endeavor was founding PhotoHighway.com, a digital photography web portal where he was COO, with responsibility for the overall management of operations, development, finance, marketing and sales. Byrd matured the Photohighway concept over more than a decade. He discovered the power of online communications and community building while creating the first online support service for a software company utilizing CompuServe and the Source in 1983. In 1996 while working for a division of Softbank he extended that concept to vertical market portals for PC OEMs. This concept was then adapted for use as a Windows 98 upgrade program approved by Microsoft and implemented worldwide for Compaq, Toshiba, Packard Bell and other PC OEMs. Byrd presented the next generation of his program at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) trade show in February 1999, as a vertical portal for digital photography. He received overwhelming industry acceptance, assembled a development team and brought PhotoHighway.com to the market in the space of four months.

Byrd's extensive involvement in the technology industry includes developing and launching dozens of software products and Internet programs with such companies as Digital Research, Softbank and Borland over a period of 16 years. His education includes a master¹s degree in Communications Management and Marketing and a bachelor's degree in Journalism. He is the author of two books on computer technology and the Future Image section on the Emerging Trends in Digital Photography that was published in the February 2001 issue of Red Herring magazine.



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