Healthier Alternative With A Volcano Vaporizer

The way the volcano vaporizer is engineered, took the vape world by surprise. Taking it from cheap tacky ecigs, and the like. To developing a monster, that not just made there competitors go back to the drawing board, but the uniqueness of it’s design, and the features available is outstanding. Really offering an all round, tailored vape smoke. Customary to your individual needs.

With the volcano vaporizers, your not just getting a vaporizer, your getting the whole package! If your serious about vaping, then these offer not just a unique look, but also a pleasant and enjoyable vape session with friends, or just by yourself. They do look seriously cool though, especially the digital volcano vaporizers is a dark room, they almost look like some miniture alien air craft.

To get this setup it’s a simple A,B,C Process.

A) Get your herbs – Grind & Place into the holder and fasten clock wise to tighten.

B) Once tightened – Screw the bag on top

C) Set the heat on your volcan vaporizer to the MIDDLE

D) Let it run for a couple of mins pushing the vape into the bag

E) Screw the mouth piece onto the bag

F) Inhale! Enjoy

If you followed this post, let us know what you thought on the flavor ? Pretty unique right ? If you made a video, you can submit it here



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