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Are You on Top of the Dramatic Changes in the Mobile Imaging Industry?

The history-making success of camera-phones has driven the emergence of a new industry: Mobile Imaging. Your success hinges on your ability to stay on top of fast-moving developments in this explosively developing market. The products. The technology. The companies. The people. The deals. Who’s winning? Who’s losing? Who will be tomorrow’s superstar — or tomorrow’s falling star?

Sorting through the maze of information is getting increasingly difficult. The morning’s press release is old news by lunchtime. And you’d have to be super-human to catch every bit that’s crucial to your job and company. Information from every corner of the globe, in a myriad of languages, posted and printed in literally millions of different “spots.” Not to mention that understanding the significance of this deluge of facts requires fluency in the technology and business issues of wireless telecommunications as well as digital imaging.

So it takes a lot to be an MI3 – a Mobile Imaging Industry Insider. It’s a time-consuming, often overwhelming task – but it’s worth it. The payoffs are better partners, deals, reputations, and faster advancement for MI3’s and their companies. And now there’s a fast track – the Mobile Imaging Report.

MIR – The Mobile Imaging Report Service

Announcing a unique new service that does the “heavy lifting” for you. Backed by the experts at Future Image, Inc., hosts of the acclaimed Mobile Imaging Summit executive conferences ( and the world leader in research, reports, and consultation on all developments at the intersection of digital, mobile, and imaging.

Our team of analysts, writers, and editors, led by Tony Henning, Future Image’s top Mobile Imaging expert, spends all day – every day – combing the world for the Mobile Imaging nuggets you NEED to know. Not just the magazine articles you read every month, or even the news services you subscribe to. Our sources are varied and unique. Translated newswires from countries like Japan, Korea, and Scandinavia. Phone calls and e-mails with our network of MI3 colleagues – analysts, investors, and executives at the key companies in the field, who rely on our analysis and advice. All analyzed, synthesized and delivered to you in the Mobile Imaging Report, every week.

Tony has 35 years of experience in visual communication — 20 years as a successful commercial photographer, 10 years as a developer of visual asset management software, and five years as an analyst with Future Image. His 2001 report “Wireless Imaging – Overcoming the Challenges” identified and defined the new industry, long before it became a global phenomenon. His 2002 report “The Camera-Phone Phenomenon” was first to point out that camera-phones were about to become the most widely-used image capture devices in history.

(And if you’re willing to pay a bit more, you can even book Tony’s time and consult with him personally, by phone, e-mail and fax – see below.)

What's MIR, and How Do I Get It?

MIR is the Mobile Imaging Report subscription service. It consists of four valuable components, each one worth the price of admission:

  1. MIR Weekly: Each week (47 times a year — everyone deserves some time off!) subscribers receive an e-mail with a brief description of the week’s editorial with a link to the full text and illustrations on our password-protected Web site.

  2. MIR Reports: We publish in-depth reports on key issues six times a year, delivered to subscribers as site-licensed PDF files. These are the same reports that non-subscribers buy for $2,000 each.Past reports have included “4 x 6 Shoot-Out – Are Camera-Phones Ready To Make Consumer Prints?,” “Sending Photos Phone to Phone: Challenges & Opportunities,” “Turning Push into Pull – Driving Clicks and Prints From Camera-Phones,” and “Megapixel Camera-Phones North America – A Comparative Overview.”We’ve just published  “Mobile Imaging and the Future of Bandwidth – The Battle for Network Control” and “The Language of Mobile Imaging – A Glossary of 1,405 Technical & Business Terms.” Planned for this year are a series of reports on Reinventing the Lens — including liquid lenses, software-assisted lenses, piezo actuators, and more.

  3. The MIR Archives: Every story and report we’ve produced dating back to when we initiated coverage of the area in June 2000. This treasure-trove of more than 6,000 keyword-searchable pages and 2,500 illustrations lets you dig out the research you need to back up your next presentation or pitch.

  4. Mobile Megapixel Monitor (MMM) ­ a database of every camera-phone available in the North American market with one-megapixel or better resolution. The database tracks 20 imaging-specific fields of information about each model, including manufacturer, model, carrier, availability, price, style, dimensions, sensor type, sensor resolution, optical zoom, digital zoom, flash, video capability, camera features, display capabilities, removable media, connectivity options, special features, and a high-res photo.

  5. And last but not least: Tony Henning. Our higher-priced subscription levels give you personal, private access to the world’s leading Mobile Imaging expert. Think of him as your Industry Insider friend – call or e-mail him if you need to pick his brain about the future direction of one of the many industry sub-segments; find out the name and contact info (and maybe even an introduction) for a potential partner; learn which companies are hiring top executives — almost anything! (Of course, Tony will never betray the confidence of the many industry leaders who consult with him daily.)

"This Sounds Expensive"

It is. But our subscribers tell us the value is high — very high. What’s the value of a closing a successful joint venture for your company? Gaining a reputation as an MI3? Winning a higher-paying job or promotion for you?

Level A: Full service consisting of the MIR Weekly, access to the MIR archive & MMM, six in-depth reports, and a total of four hours consultation with Tony Henning. $12,500 per year

Level B: Weekly, access to the archive & MMM, four reports, and two hours consultation. $9,500 per year

Level C: Weekly, access to the archive & MMM, two reports, and one hour of consultation. $6,500 per year

Level D: Weekly and access to the archive & MMM. $3,500 per year

We’re so sure that you and your company will find the MIR Service indispensable, that we offer the following guarantee: cancel your subscription at any time, for any reason, and we will refund the unused portion of your subscription fee.

Subscribe today by clicking HERE.

Have you ever attended an industry gathering — a conference, a product announcement — and spotted the MI3’s, grouped together under that halo of success, always seeming to be sharing an inside joke? Join their club. Subscribe today by clicking HERE.



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