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Mobile Megapixel Monitor Tracks High-Resolution Camera-Phones

Orlando, Fla. - February 17, 2005 – Today at the Photo Marketing Association’s annual conference, Future Image announced an important new tool for marketing and product development professionals in the imaging and wireless industries: The Mobile Megapixel Monitor (MMM), a new feature of Future Image’s Mobile Imaging Report (MIR), provides up to the minute reference information on all camera-phones with megapixel or greater resolution currently for sale in North America, or announced for sale in the near term. The information will reside in an online database accessible at all times to MIR subscribers.

There are currently over 60 different models of camera-phones on the North American market, most of which are VGA resolution or lower, making them unsuitable as replacements for primary film or digital cameras. However, megapixel-class units have recently been introduced in the U.S. and Canada by all the top-tier carriers, and more are expected in the coming months. Furthermore, two- and even three-megapixel units are already commonplace in Japan and Korea, and are expected to begin appearing in North America this year.

The introduction of cell phones with truly camera-like features, starting with but not limited to megapixel resolution, is expected to drive profound changes in user behaviors, and therefore in the competitive landscape for imaging products and services. Executives and companies involved in the field can use the MMM to know, at any time, which models are available, compare the lineups of different manufacturers and carriers, and observe/quantify developing trends in key feature areas. Some of the information in the MMM can be found nowhere else — not in press releases, not on carrier web sites, not on manufacturer web sites, not even in owner’s manuals.

The MMM includes all the key imaging-related specifications for tracked products, including:

·         Manufacturer

·         Model

·         Carrier

·         Price

·         Availability – shipping or not, date promised

·         Style (form factor)

·         Dimensions (inches & ounces)

·         Dimensions (metric)

·         Sensor type (CMOS or CCD)

·         Sensor Resolution (pixel count)

·         Optical zoom factor

·         Digital zoom factor

·         Flash

·         Video capture capability

·         Display type

·         Display size

·         Display color capabilities

·         Additional camera features, such as rotating camera or lens cover

·         Support for removable memory, and format

·         Connectivity options such as Bluetooth, USB, IrDA

·         Photo of the device

The MMM is available immediately to MIR subscribers. It currently tracks 12 camera-phones, and is expected to double within the next few months.

Full or partial listings of the MMM are available to journalists upon request at Future Image’s discretion, and provided that full attribution will be given in the publication. Under the same proviso, journalists seeking answers to questions such as: How many megapixel camera-phones support removable media? or Which camera-phone has the best video capture capabilities? are welcome to submit their questions to [email protected] for a prompt response based on the data in the MMM.

About Future Image:

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Future Image’s Mobile Imaging Report continuous information service is the definitive resource for companies and executives with a stake in the explosive Mobile Imaging phenomenon. In addition to the new MMM, the MIR includes:

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